Mission Style Furniture Plans

Mission Style Furniture Plans

If you are looking at Mission style furniture plans because you want to try your hand at them, you need to understand the characteristic features of such kinds of furniture. When we talk of Mission style furniture, such furniture usually have simple and solid lines. These were made popular by the Californian missions run by Spanish missionaries.

This type of furniture is also known as Arts and Crafts furniture. That is mainly because the Arts and Crafts movement led to such furniture styles to come into vogue.

Features of Mission Style Furniture

There are certain features that characterize furniture of this category. They are:

  • Such furniture has a simple look.
  • They are characterized by an elegant appearance.
  • The furniture items have clean lines.
  • They flaunt a handmade look and feel.

The thematic elements of furniture of the Arts and Crafts movement have similarities with Mission style furniture. They have a handmade feel about them as well. Many are nowadays created in factories, though they can be created by experienced woodworkers by hand as well.

How This Style Evolved

Mission style furniture has come a long way from the late nineteenth century. At such a time, this furniture style was first seen in a San Francisco church. The design of the chair was a rectilinear and marked by simplicity.

The beauty of the wood and its natural features came through in such furniture design. If you look at Mission style furniture and how it has been designed, it is mainly fashioned out of oak that is quarter sawn.

The oak is then cut lengthwise from the center. This cutting technique leads to a pattern to show on the wood. When the wood is varnished, the pattern gives off a handsome glow.

When you are talking about Mission style furniture you will be talking about wooden furniture that does not have ornamentation features, carvings, or paint on them. The wood is often organized in a lattice or column work. Hence, there are no elaborate ornamentation features in Mission style furniture.

Mission Style Desk

If you are designing a Mission style desk, it should have certain design features that are elements of this category of furniture. As specified above, such furniture pieces lack any form of ornamentation. First brought to the US by Spanish missionaries, this furniture style showcased their limited and simple woodworking skills.

If you are looking to design a mission style desk it would have the following features:

  • Clean lines.
  • Basic polish and no paint.
  • Limited embellishments.
  • Writing surface would be smooth with no clutter.
  • You would want to match such a desk with a straight backed chair.

Mission Style Bookcase

Like other furniture pieces of this style, if you are looking to design a bookcase in the Mission style you would choose a minimalist design. You would use functional hardware, not decorative, hardware on the bookcase.

Usually bookcases stand sturdy on the floor with square legs, four in number. You could choose to have lots or vertical rungs on the side panels that are evenly spaced.

If you are designing a Mission style bookcase you would want to choose solid wood like oak, walnut, cherry, or even particle board, which usually mimics the patterns and hues of hardwood varieties. You could add in features like glass doors or panes in a criss-cross manner made by thin wooden laths. Some have an open back while others might have a solid back.

Mission Style Coffee Tables

Such pieces of furniture are usually rustic and heavy. They come with straight, clean lines. If you are looking to add a Mission style coffee table to your living room, you need to have similar seats in your living room as well.

These will have spindles or posts in rows. Usually spindles are placed on both sides of this type of coffee table design.

In certain designs you might place the spindles by the sides while in others you might have them in the centers alone. In certain cases spindles are placed close to form a bottom shelf.

In certain cases solid wooden panels or wooden slats are placed below to form a lower shelf.

If you are planning to try your hand at Mission style furniture, there are different kinds of plans available in woodworking forums. For those starting off with woodworking, this category of furniture items is relatively simpler to work with.