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Garden Furniture Plans

There is a subtle difference between Garden furniture plans and Patio furniture plans.  Garden furniture will go anywhere in your garden, and typically fits in with nature.   This type of furniture is varied and diverse in nature and can range from the typical functional Adirondack Chair, to a cosmetic Wishing Well.  There are so many options that you can choose from.    The trick to this type of furniture is not making it look cheap.  This requires that you get a quality plan and treat the building of it like you would furniture built for your living room.  

Listed below are some great ideas that are unique and should compliment a magnificent garden.   I have selected several functional elements, as well as cosmetic elements.  

Adirondack Chair

Adirondack is a place in the State of New York. Apparently, early last century everyone in Adirondack went crazy building their own outside furniture, which over the following years developed a distinct style. Adirondack furniture is now known world wide. This chair is based on the Adirondack style, and is indeed a very comfortable chair.Airdirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs can be made from a variety of woods and would be classified in the garden furniture plans. The most common wood used in their construction is 5/4 pine. My recommendation is to use southern yellow pine (SYP) because it's high resin content makes it naturally resistant to decay. If you have trouble locating 5/4 SYP look for pine stair tread material. Stair tread material comes almost free of knots because it comes from the center of the tree.

There are two variations of chair styles: Original design, and updated design.  Each style is simple to build and uses standard lumber.  The main difference is in the curvature of the seat.  The updated style has a curved seat, and the original does not.  So as far as garden furniture plans go, this chair is top of the list.

Japanese Bamboo Fountain

Japanese bamboo fountainThis project will give you something very unique to build.  If you like a challenge, then you will enjoy building this.  As you’re sitting in your newly created Adirondack Chair, the shishi odoshi, a traditional Japanese fountain, was originally used to scare away deer who would otherwise feed on tender shoots in rice paddies. I can't vouch for its efficiency at keeping herds of marauding deer from your daisies, but I will say the motion of this fountain is pleasantly mesmerizing.

The most challenging aspect of this project is finding the raw bamboo - you can find the garden furniture plans for this here.  With a little investigation and a search through your local Yellow pages, you should be able to find it under rattan, bamboo and wicker products.  As far as garden furniture, this project is a simple one.

Classic Cedar Bench

If the only thing you do in your yard is mow the lawn, maybe it's time to add some creature comfort to your outdoor space. A stately cedar bench is ideal for relaxing in the fresh air, enjoying the greenery and just getting away from it all. And, it's more than just a great place to sit. Featuring a garden furniture plan design influenced by the Arts & Crafts style, the piece will bring an upscale look to any yard. Best of all, the construction details are solid and simple, giving you a long-lasting piece of outdoor furniture that's relatively easy to build.

Cedar BenchYou will want to use red cedar for the bench--a material that's generally available at lumberyards and home centers throughout the country. Since cedar is widely used for outdoor decking and trim, it's usually not kiln-dried and is often sold with high moisture content. For the best results with this project, buy the material at least two to three weeks before beginning construction. Stack the lumber in a dry location with spacers between the boards, allowing for good air circulation so the material will dry.