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Dollhouse Furniture Plans

Dollhouse’s can trace their roots back 400 years to the baby house display cases of Europe.   These early displays were designed to showcase much idealized interiors to model real houses.  In the 18th Century, smaller versions of these houses with much more realistic exteriors showed up.  Most of the early dollhouses were hand made, but with the advent of the industrial society in the 20th Century, they companies started to mass produce them.  

One of the earliest companies that began to mass produce dollhouses was the Tynie Toy Company of Rhode Island.  They led the way by making authentic replicas of American antique houses.   After World War II, dollhouses moved into a mass production format, meaning that the craftsmanship of each declined.   This led the way to resurgence in hobbyists making them. 

The Construction

Most dollhouses have an open back construction with the front being fancy.  However, it is quite common to see those made in Britain with hinged fronts.   The most common scale is a 1:12 (1” = 1’), and they are made from a variety of materials from tin to plastic to wood.   The following dollhouse furniture plans are fortunately woodworking plans to align with the goal of the site, furniture plans.

Bookcase turned into a Dollhouse

dollhouse furniture planTurn an old bookcase into a miniature world for dolls.  Add a roof and doors to a bookcase and you've created a delightful doll's house. Decorate with left over wallpaper, scraps of fabric and furniture made of matchboxes, cotton reels and a little imagination!  You'll find doll's house furniture at toy and hobby shops - look under 'Dolls' in the Yellow Pages for local suppliers. The scale of the furniture is usually 12:1, but for a young child you may prefer something larger.  You'll need a bookcase around 60x80x30 cm to start this project. 


Complete Dollhouse from Plans

Dollhouse furniture plan black and whiteTo build this plan you will need patience and a knack for intricate work.   Why, because you are working to 1:  12 scale.   Here are the things you will need: 

Materials for the House

Here is the list of materials you will need to construct the basic house then to cover it with roofing and siding. The specialty materials needed for the door and windows are given along with the ‘how-to-build instructions’ for those details.

Miscellaneous Supplies Needed

• Carpenter's Wood Glue
• Contact Cement
• Carpenter's Wood Filler
• Spray Paint-1 can each of Ruddy Brown Primer and two or three colors of your choice for house,
trim, and roof
• 120-grit sandpaper (closed coat)
• Masking tape
• 1 " brads
Tools You Will Need
• 10 or 13 oz hammer
• Brad pusher
• Circular and/or sabre saws Or Crosscut and keyhole saws
• Nail set
• Pad sander (or wooden block)
• Sharp Knife
• Putty knife
• Ruler

The charm of a doll's house lies in its uniqueness; so let your architectural skills run free.