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Furniture Plans

If you are looking to build furniture then you have come to the right place.   On our site you will find information and furniture plans for many types of furniture, with some tips, ideas, and things to watch out for when you’re building furniture.   If you’re a beginner or a journeyman, you will find great ideas.  

A little about myself, I have been building furniture and working on the honey-do list for about 20 years, prior to that I was in the pattern making profession.    So I have worked with all types of wood, and to all levels of accuracy.   In my experience this is one of the keys in furniture making – accuracy.   I find that many woodworkers that come from a framing carpentry background, or even finishing carpentry, believe that being within 1/16” is enough.   If you are building quality furniture, that’s too much.  There is nothing worse that joints that don’t line up, or legs that are a little off.   If you’re going to build it yourself, please make it right the first time.  

You will need several key tools when you start building furniture.   Off course you’re going to need the standard power equipment like a table saw, jointer, and band saw, but have you thought about the subtle tools like:  a square (with a 24” rule), a sharp pencil, a marking compass, and sliding T-Bevel.   These are all the things you will need when you follow the rule, measure twice, cut once.   My Dad taught me that.

There are different types of furniture plans information you will find, each with a little different approach and obviously with different materials.  

Garden Furniture Plans

When you are building Garden furniture, the most important aspect is the material you use.  You have to pick a material that is durable and can handle the weather.   For example, if you are in a northern climate where you get snow in winter, you probably want to put it away in the winter, but if not, then you will want to make sure that is made from teak or cedar.  

Mission Furniture Plans

A unique style of furniture, mission furniture is typically made of the traditional hardwoods such as oak or maple.   This style of furniture can also be recognized as Mennonite furniture.   Its style is typically associated with hand crafted, very simple design, yet very functional and comfortable.  

Modern Furniture Plans

You guessed it, modern furniture looks – well modern.   If you’re thinking funky and different, then that’s exactly what modern furniture typically looks like.  The material used to make this furniture can literally be anything.  You may find that this type of furniture uses many more engineered products because the designs and shapes drive a woodworker to use curves and angles that demand veneers and plywood.
In addition to the traditional furniture, many of us have a need to do something different.  Did you know that you can build furniture for cats?   How about a Dollhouse?  Well if you search through the pages, you will find these as well.   For your cat furniture, get ready to use lots of carpet – you know why.  As you might expect, your cat’s house better provide a source for “scratching”, and have lots of levels for climbing.  If you need a dollhouse, then you may want to invest in a scroll saw for the intricate work required as you are building beds and cutting our tiny doors.